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Jul. 30th, 2007 | 09:26 pm

MAY 10, 2007

I am a statue

A mimic of life

Tall and undaunting

Unchangeable and still.

I am my mother

And I am not her.

Small mouths

And rotten teeth

For tiny lethal insults

And putrid words.

Miniscule bombs,

the deadliest kind.

There were no tears;

they retreated,

fear of the emotion,

fear of the attack.

Fear of that tiny mouth

Unleashing its evil.

I am a statue:

Statues do not talk,

Statues do not breathe,

They do not express emotion,

Or change their face.

They do not reveal their secrets,

Their offense or defense.

They stand.

I stand with them,

Cold as marble,

Smooth as stone

Immortal they rest,

With all-knowing eyes

And no emotion.

I am a statue:

My mother cannot defeat me.

January 4, 2007

Stole this idea from Raul [*happy face*]

Things I'll never forget:

August 29th, 2006

Mohit <3

Aiden Jack and Michael Cody

My grandmother <3

My nana <3

Cinder <3



Fiesty little Alvin in 7th grade

Playing football with the guys by myself


5th grade

That asshole


Culver City <3

Mojave High school [ugh]

Mrs. Eisen


Art Awards

Paranormal phenomena and psychics

Mr. Pollman's class


Knott's Scary Farm

Good Charlotte [haha...leave me alone!]

Ms. Goldberg's class!



The day I forgot my birthday [17th bday]

Mr. Howell's photography class with Megan


The darkness of the Robert Frost/falling in the dark with Vanessa, Salma, Haley.

The trio: Bobbie/Vanessa/Me!

5th grade crew: Tiffany/Nicole/Me!

Tiff/Nicole/and I crying our eyes out at our 5th grade graduation

Swimteam @ the YMCA

Mrs. Checel

Mrs. Strauch (spelling?) in 1st grade

Reading Henry and Mudge in 1st grade


August 9, 2006

life is

crazy cool hair and
blended chai tea frappaccinos from starbucks.
aviator glasses and
bus rides to the beach.

life is

shopping at venice
and chilling with awesome cool friends,
pigging out on junk food
and camera-whoring for myspace.

life is

road trips
across the country
in a red convertable,
letting the cool wind
breeze through your perfect hair

life is

dressing up
pretending to be young
loving life and
not caring what anyone else
thinks of you.

life is
rainbows and butterflies
and all the wondrous things
that the world has to offer.

November 3, 2005

I find life


I find myself


I find that I


In a pretend


I explore


And set myself up for


I am my own


November 23, 2004

9:32 PM - Love is to Heartbreak

The dawning of December's first dusk
Is your daydream of romantic lust.
Determined to duel the greatest danger
Of discovering the true love of a definite stranger.
Trying to dismiss the dangerous emotion
Of a dying desire of devotion.
"To fall in love and fall in debt"
Is the delicious disease of amity yet.
I dare you to detonate your darkest desires
And delight in the company of all divine liars.

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